aeronwen (aeronwen) wrote in undeniably,

This May be terribly inappropriate...

But if you've spent anytime with a drunk/happy Freeds after a MGF/McCormack or MGF related gig then you already know. He keeps saying how much he likes this band... How much they 'rock' how much he loves them...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and others of a more dubious nature!

That diabolical rocker Loveshark (MGF) will be doing a gig at the Annandale on Saturday, August 27th!!

I expect there to be mad mad dancing and fiery antics, particularly with the advent of his 'knob cauldron'. More fun than playing in traffic! Come for the fire. Stay for the Music and please come again.,, ;)

Discounted presale tickets are available by contacting Ruth on 0438864794 or by leaving a comment in this lj id. Check out his cool new website too... $8 presale....

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