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Whitlams @ Fly By Night, Perth (x-posted)

I haven't written about Saturday night's Whitlams gig yet. It just seems redundant writing about what music makes me feel... words don't seem apt.

Having said that, it was just too freaking hilarious not to share (esp with you overseas fans).

High on cold and flu tablets, everything seemed amusing and dull at the same time. The supporting acts took their sweet time (though they were really quite good... College Fall and some other fella) and two and a half hours later, the Whits came on. Two seconds into the song and there were problems with the sound, so Tim stopped the band, stood up and said, "I'm afraid that's all we've got time for, folks. Hope you enjoyed the show. See you next time!" and made as if he was leaving. That was to be the start of a VERY odd gig!

Jak pulled his guitar out of its jack, Terepai kept rearranging the drums closer and further away as he was playing, and at one point almost toppled of the stool. Tim reprimanded the sound guy for just giving him a glass of wine rather than a bottle, and got so drunk by the end of the night that he forgot the lyrics. We had to prompt him during I Make Hamburgers and Buy Now Pay Later.

antzpantz managed to get a hold of Jak's set list and I got Tim's... to my utter delight it had handwritten notes on what he was going to say at certain points ("Farnham" --> John Farnham's going to release a cover of No Aphrodisiac. When will the man retire! NEVERRR!). We hung around and when he came out for signing, he got all embarrassed at his incriminating notes that he ripped the setlist in half leaving only the printed song names, then signed it with the wrong date, haha.

All in all, a brilliantly unrehearsed gig, making a good change from his solo tour in which each word seemed pre-prepared.

Photo of the night, by antzpantz
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