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The Metro *much love*

Cross posted in undeniably and thewhitlams and also the FOW forum. (I am a bit of a suck)

Set List:

-No Aphro
-Made Me Hard
-Fall For You
- Been Away To Long
-White Horses
-Beauty in me
-stay with me
-year of the rat
-little cloud
- fancy lover
-kate kelly
-shes moving in
-thank you


-charlie 2
-coming up for air

-12 hours
- shining
- Band of every corner

Started off with the handcome boys modelling school - however they didn't take to their positions as usual, they were already seated when the curtains were drawn. Timmy wore a black suit with a scarlet tie. Terapai was in a vest/tie/collar shirt number (and look oh so suave), Jak wore suit pants, floral top and sports jacket thingy which none of it matched (and that funny looking belt he wore in the sanity promo pics) and Warwick wore a dark suit with sneakers. All looking very schmick that night I must say.

At one point, Jak was doing his interpretive dance, with Tim egging him on to try and tap dance too.

And Jak was doing one of his solo guitar riffs prancing around the stage then winding his leads around Warwick's mic stand and managed to topple it.

Some teething problems with the new songs and lots of cheeky grins from Pai, Tim and Jak. Warwick managed to keep his cool as always. During one of the songs, Tim was playing away at the keys and Jak was strumming his chords - Tim called out a hey (not part of the lyrics) and Jak looked up at him and you could see Tim saying no and then proceeding to play his chords and waiting for Jak to follow suit. He eventually got there. Um mama Razz Jak seemed to have a bit of trouble playing along to Coming Up For Air.

Was actually quite good that during the first encore, Warwick came back on and got some yelling and whistling for him. He did a cool strut across the stage and picked up the bass, flashing his smile and giving us a peace sign.

Some picks were thrown out into the crowd "Great rock moments" as indicated by Jak. End of the gig saw Pai throwing out some drumsticks into the audience, with a bit of swizzle to his step and random throwing into the masses. Of course that stirred everyone to lunge for them (but you get that sometimes *grins*). Pai then walked up to a seated Jak (he was for some reason sitting on the edge of Timmy's elevated platform) Pai then proceeded to pick up Jak and pretend to throw him into the crowd.

Pretty backdrop show for some songs, not all.

I was told that Tim was handing out free grog to the front rowers near him. I can't be sure, but I was on the other side.

The Live Room weren't too bad and Kate Miller-Hiedke was fantastic. A bit Taylor Townsend from the OC like, but cool nonetheless. Very squarky at times. (don't kill me for that).

As promised, Tim stayed back to sign autographs, Jak hung out the in the foyer area happily drinking and chatting to the fans. Tried waiting to get some piccies with Tim but he took too long and it was 1:30am by that stage and I was spent.

Lj addendum: (mainyl cuz it's just me babbling on about Jak, skip the rest of the post if you don't want to vomit)

I am still swooning.

During the gig Jak made eye contact twice. The first he just smiled and continue playing. The second time he stopped and stared for about 10 seconds. And in concert time, that's pretty damned long to look in one spot. I just smiled back at him and winked. Normally by the time I smile and wink at someone, they smile back and look away. he didnt. And I didn't know what else to do so I looked away. Anette then turned to me and goes "he wants you" Hahah. Ah that made my night though. I am not sure if the stare was for me anyhow, but it seemed to be since the only other ppl around me were a 40 year old couple. *cheeky grin*

Had a longer chat than normal with Jak. Annette bought him a drink and told me I had to march over there and hand it to him. he looked and it and says "what's this then?" and I said "alcohol" and he said "is it alright?" Me: "Of course it is, if you want I'll drink it to prove it isn't poisonious" Him: "Nah that's ok...did you really buy this for me?" Me: "Nah I didn't but Annette did" Him: "ahh thanks. *has a gander at Annette's rather pronouced boobs* So we took so pccies on my mobile. They're not that great, but good for some memories when I'm waiting for ppl. Annette stuffed up a few and goes "I can't work this out". Jak then made a comment of "She can make a display, but can't make the camera work" Me: "Yeah and they're out for me" Him: "really?" Me: "Yeah I asked her to put them out for me tonight". He seemed a bit surprised (or perhaps slightly excited?) Hehehe. He seemed happy to have his arms around me the entire time that she was fiddling with the phone. Put my ladies to shame that's for sure. As Annette said "it's hard not to notice when there is more tit than top"

He leant in close and was whispering in my ear. Partly cuz it was noisy and the other part, maybe it was my silly fandom coming thru, but maybe cuz he didnt mind me being that close. Though he didnt do much whispering to others. Maybe I am reading into it cuz I want it to be that. Lol. Annette then showed us the piccies she took and Jak goes "we make a beautiful couple" and grins. Ah, don't you know it baby!

Asked Jak about how I could get into the next soundcheck and he told me to go in early and if I had any problems "just say Jak let you in" *swoons some more* He said that they're not usually that interesting but he did go to one for some band (i can't rem if for the life of me it was the v...something) which was in 86 or 85. He says "Though you were probably all of about 2 at the time" and I laughed and had to agree. By this stage he had done something and dropped his beer we bought him which spilled onto the floor. He picked it up but then it fizzed everywhere and he tried his best to contain it. Quite funny indeed!

Jak had his hair chopped and I asked him why, rubbed his sideburns cuz they're almost non existent. He said that it was because he needed a change. I initially hated it when I saw him on stage but then it grew on me. I still love him. hehehe. Anette said that she didnt realise just how good looking he was but thinks he's gotten better with the hair cut.

Told Danny about the happenings. He agreed with Annette. Jake wants me. I can't help but laugh. He's some semi-celebrity. He gets heaps of girls throwing themselves at him. I am trying not to be one of them. What would he want to do with me anyhow? :P

Ahh my obsession with the whitlams and love for jak continues to grow with these gigs and meetings with Jak <3
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