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From the FOW list:
The Whitlams are giving away over 700,000 albums.

Starting on Sunday June 1st in NSW's The Sunday Telegraph and rolling out through Victoria in The Australian, and Tasmania in The Mercury, newspaper readers can receive a free Live in Concert CD of The Whitlams and The Sydney Symphony.

In September 2007 nine composers and 82 musicians from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra arranged and performed songs with iconic Australian band The Whitlams over four nights at the Sydney Opera House. The result, a rich and delightful CD, is full of stirring moments from those concerts.

The exercise is the first time in Australia an established band has given away a full album on this scale.

Lead singer Tim Freedman said "We are proud of our orchestral shows and are very happy that so many people will get to hear them.

"Music Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Jonathan Moran said, "The quality of the sound is amazing. We know our readers are going to love it."

I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this, but I live in the U.S. Anyone willing to snag a copy and send it to a poor, Whitlams-bereft Yank? I could trade for something interesting from here.
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